Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PAS Kelas 4 SD Tema 2 Terbaru 2022 (MCQs+Essay)

Soal dan Kunci Jawaban – Daftar di bawah ini berisi soal dan kunci jawaban untuk kelas 4 SD topik Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) 2 semester 1 atau Ujian Akhir Semester (UAS) iterasi terbaru kurikulum 2013.

Tujuan soal PAS ini adalah untuk menilai pemahaman siswa terhadap materi yang telah tercakup dalam kegiatan belajar mengajar selama satu semester.

Contoh soal yang disediakan oleh sebagai latihan soal dan bahan untuk membantu siswa memenuhi standar ketuntasan minimal (KKM).

Soal-soal latihan PAS di bawah ini bisa teman-teman gunakan untuk belajar di rumah atau di sekolah.

Berikut beberapa contoh soal PAS kelas 4 SD tema 2 beserta solusinya, seperti yang ditawarkan oleh Soal pendidikan disajikan dalam bentuk soal pilihan ganda, soal isian, dan esai.

Put a cross (x) on the correct answer!

1. What should we do with our non-renewable natural resources?

a. Overuse c. Save and preserve
b. Spend while it lasts d. Used haphazardly

2. The following are obligations to the environment, except….

a. Tree planting c. Away from disease
b. Keep the environment clean d. Dispose of trash in its place

3. Instead of going to school by car, we can ride a bicycle or walk is an example of attitude ……

a. Just the way you are c. Spirit
b. Save energy d. Diligent

4. Attitudes to save energy below except ……

a. Turn off the daytime running lights c. Use enough water
b. Using a motorized vehicle anywhere d. Turn off power tools when not in use

5. What is not an environmentally friendly attitude is ….

a. Throw garbage in its place c. Planting and caring for plants
b. Save water usage d. Discharge of sewage into rivers

6. The types of paragraphs are based on the main idea, except …..

a. Inductive Paragraph c. Deductive Paragraph
b. Conductive Paragraph d. Mixed Paragraph

7. A paragraph whose main sentence is located at the end of the paragraph, namely ….

a. Inductive Paragraph c. Deductive Paragraph
b. Conductive Paragraph d. Mixed Paragraph

8. The following is an invitation sentence, namely ….

a. Let’s save clean water! c. Sunny day
b. Clean healthy base d. Healthy clear water

9. Last night my aunt gave birth at the hospital. I looked there. My mother and I waited in the delivery room. Suddenly there was the sound of a baby crying. After a while we entered the room. My aunt gave birth safely. The baby is so cute. we feel happy.
The main idea of ​​the paragraph is…

a. My aunt gave birth safely in the hospital c. My mother and I waited in the delivery room
b. I visited the hospital d. The baby is so cute

10. Clean Friday is a good habit of our school. Every day we clean the classroom and take care of the garden together. I’m used to being in charge of watering the plants. I was very happy because I came into contact with the beautiful flowers at that time.
The essence of the text above is in …..

a. Cleaning the classrooms and tending the garden every day c. Contact with beautiful flowers
b. Watering the plants d. Clean Friday at School

11. Natural energy that cannot be used as a source of electrical energy, namely ….

a. Air c. Land
b. Wind d. Sun

12. The benefits of windmills are as follows, except …..

a. As a power plant c. Helping the irrigation process
b. As a tourist attraction d. As irrigation

13. The role of petroleum is very important for everyday life in building the community’s economy. The following are the benefits of petroleum, except …..

a. Fuel c. Power plants
b. Chemical industry d. Fry

14. What is not a river utilization is ….

a. PLTU c. Tourist attraction
b. Ecosystem d. Fresh fish farming

15. Examples of plants that can be used as bio-fuel are ….

a. Banana tree c. Palm oil
b. cassava d. Rice plant

16. The following renewable natural resources are ….

a. Petroleum c.  Air
b. Coal d. emas

17. What is not a form of energy is …..

a. Heat energy c. Cold energy
b. Electrical energy d. Motion energy

18. An example of converting electrical energy into heat energy in everyday life is …..

a. Refrigerator c.  Radio
b. Television d.  Oven

19. One of the uses of wind energy sources is ….

a. Photosynthesis c. Drying fish
b. Power plants d. Chemical manufacture

20. What is the main source of energy on earth?

a. Sun c. Electricity
b. Land d. Nuclear

II. Fill in the blanks with the correct answers!

1. Give an example of saving energy at home!
2. State the obligations of society towards the environment
3.The coastline of the regency, which is at the eastern end of Java Island, is about 175 kilometers long. With its great potential, Banyuwangi consistently becomes the largest marine fish producer after Bagan Siapiapi. And even now, it still continues to dominate fishery products in Indonesia, both capture fisheries and other fisheries industries. This regency at the eastern tip of Java Island has succeeded in exporting to 18 countries. The canning system is quite advanced. In addition, the large industry in Muncar Port, Banyuwangi continues to grow. The district itself recorded a consistent growth in capture fish production, amounting to 31,600 tons in 2011 and increased quite a lot to 44,570 tons the following year. In 2013, Banyuwangi’s capture fish production reached 49,539 tons, with the most types of caught fish are flying fish and lemuru. In the fisheries sector, Bayuwangi absorbs a large number of workers, from fishermen, fishery industry workers to home industries.
The main idea in the text above is?
4. Football is the most popular sport in the world. In almost every part of the world, people are so excited when watching football matches. Football is a sport played by eleven people per team. So often, a team is also referred to as a team. From villages to urban areas, we can see many people playing football. That means football can be played in many places.
The main paragraph above is …..
5. Mention 3 sources of energy in everyday life!
6. How is coal formed?
7. Mention the benefits of using alternative fuel bioethanol for motorized vehicles!
8. What is a renewable natural resource?
9. Mention the types of energy that you know and examples!
10. What is an alternative energy source?


Multiple choice

1 C 6 B 11 C 16 C
2 C 7 B 12 D 17 C
3 B 8 A 13 D 18 D
4 B 9 A 14 A 19 D
5 D 10 A 15 C 20 A


  1. Energy-saving attitudes at home:
    Turn off the lights when leaving the room
    Turn off the TV when finished watching
    Use enough water
  2. Obligation to the environment:
    Preserving the environment.
    Building in buildings by paying attention to environmentally friendly aspects, for example building buildings that use sunlight as lighting during the day.
    Maintain the cleanliness of the environment by not littering
  3. Banyuwangi is one of the largest marine fish producers in Indonesia
  4. Football is the most popular sport in the world
  5. Heat energy, electrical energy, and water energy
  6. The process of forming coal takes up to millions of years. Coal is formed from the remains of ancient plants which then settle for millions of years and undergo the process of forming coal
  7. The benefits of using bioethanol as an alternative fuel for motorized vehicles:
    More complete combustion,
    cleaner exhaust gas
    Smoother engine sound
    Fuel saving up to 20%
    Extends machine
    life Environmentally friendly because it can be cultivated, saves on the use of fossil fuels, and reduces pollution
  8. Renewable Natural Resources are natural resources that cannot be used up or extinct if used, because these natural resources can be renewed, can be recycled, grown or can be made again.
  9. Kinds of energy:
    Heat energy for example fire.
    Light energy is an example of a lamp.
    The energy of motion, for example, is wind.
    Electrical energy for example television
  10. Alternative energy is energy that can be used or utilized as a substitute for conventional energy or fuel, alternative energy is used to overcome energy limitations, alternative energy requirements are not exhausted or renewable and do not damage the environment.

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